For exhibitors

The 79th OMÉK provides an exhibition platform on about 40,000 square metres. We welcome small-scale producers, primary producers, family farmers, small- and medium-scale ventures as well as large-scale agricultural and food industrial companies. Small-scale producers will also have the opportunity to sell their products. You can download application forms and access all other information from the website.

Professional day

The first day at OMÉK will also be a professional day for exhibitors and professional visitors. The goal of the thematic day is that the key market players should also attend the programmes of the professional day and share their experience gained over the previous years. Another key message is rejuvenation and generation switch, but food technology and safety issues will also be covered. Professional programmes will touch upon the issue of how to find quality labour force in agriculture and in the food industry and how potential employees can be addressed.

Professional programmes will also cover business meetings, i.e. hosted buyer and conference programmes. These events will be organized during the full period of OMÉK; however, most of them will be held on Thursday and Friday.

The business meetings and guided hosted-buyer programmes will be organized with the involvement of the agricultural and external economy attachés and HEPA (Hungarian Export Promotion Agency).

The professional conferences will cover current agricultural topics like:

-        challenges of the food processing industry,

-        agricultural digitalization,

-        the impacts of climatic change on agriculture, opportunities to develop irrigation,

-        changes in the conditions of animal husbandry and opportunities to match these conditions

Venues of the professional programmes:

    Pavilion F (4 built rooms)

    Ceramic room

    Pavilion G, VIP I room

    Pavilion B Media room

    Conference centre, Mirror room / KIV

    Pavilion 25

Product groups

  • Pavilion A:  national and international food industry companies, including the Ministry of Agriculture; Partner country Morocco; food processing and catering equipment; agricultural machinery and environmental technology
  • Pavilion B:  live animals
  • Pavilion D:  gardening and plant growing technologies
  • Pavilion G:  treasures of the Carpathian basin, small producers , children’s stage, „Mini Farm”: Presenting modern agricultural practices to  a young  audience in an innovative way
  • Open area:  machines for land cultivation, power trucks, native animal’s court-yard
  • Passage:  Food Court

Target groups

  • Exhibitors:
    • Manufacturers and traders of agricultural equipment and supplies
    • Wholesalers, traders, importers and manufacturers of food, drink and catering products and  technology
    • Trade agencies
    • Suppliers of specialities and fresh convenience products
    • Small producers of food and artisan food